Service - Accomplish - Manage.
Life is customer service. 360 degrees. Period.

Values – what we believe in Corporate values


  • Customer value instead of shareholder value
  • Relative quality for target decision making groups
  • Sustainability through use and meaning (instead of advertising)
  • Competitiveness instead of accretion
  • Maximizing viability instead of maximizing profit
  • Functioning and self-organization instead of power and hierarchy thinking
  • Equity instead of outside capital

Digital future

“We are convinced that the world will be fully ‘digitalised’. We also believe in the values that are lived by Google”:

  • The user comes first, everything else follows by itself.
  • It’s best to do something really good.
  • Fast is better than slow.
  • Democracy on the Internet works.
  • Make money without harming anyone.
  • There is still more information somewhere.
  • Information is needed across all borders.
  • Good is not good enough.