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CRM Finder Switzerland

CRM Finder Switzerland


CRM/xRM/CEM/ERP in the context of enterprise, market development and value added process – i.e. the topics:
Management, Service Marketing, Marketing, Social Medias, CRM/xRM/CEM/ECRM/CMR and ERP, customer-, call- and service-center.

Relevant target groups: Administrative boards, Owners, CEOs, CIOs, Marketing, Sales + Advertising Managers, CRM Managers, Market Development and CRM Project Managers, MarCom Managers, Custormer Service and Customer Loyalty and Customer Enthusiasts.


The main topics of CRM-Finder Switzerland: News, technical reports, trends and events, top market overview of suppliers, knowledge about customers, behavior, processes and markets, software solutions, 360-degree-view, functions, experts, science and application, CRM-Profiler for your business, calendars, studies, reports, glossary, economy, associations, organizations, fun and enjoyment of customer satisfaction thanks to CRM/xRM/iCRM/ECRM/CMR and ERP.


  • CRM-Profiler; Simulations-SW for CRM-Projects
  • Constant Newsletter all year round in the decision matrix
  • Editorial preparation of all you basics by us
  • Active Internet Premium Website Ranking
  • Area “Economics” with notable support
  • Topic conversion to cloud computing, security and industry integration


«Herzliche Gratulation zum CRM-Finder Portal. Der Web-Auftritt macht einen sehr guten und professionellen Eindruck und das Thema CRM ist aktueller als je zuvor. Gerne verfolge ich Ihre Beiträge in der Zukunft.»