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Platform economies and value chains

Digital platforms are a key element of economic transformation. The largest number of services on the Internet is delivered to customers via platforms. These platforms are much more than just a digital distribution channel. Platforms form an ecosystem in which people and companies interact. They connect customers and suppliers through combinations of innovative business models, enabling the exchange of information and economic benefits. Through constant interactions, the actors as well as the ecosystem itself, the platform evolve.

Experts and expertise

The unique Swiss Expert and Economy Platforms pursue tailor-made and effective communication. The goal is to quickly provide our customers with sustainable competitive advantages in their direct target decision making markets. Through cross-media networking in the specialist and management circles, this can be achieved most quickly and cheaply. In doing so, we use as many information channels as possible in order to effectively provide customers with value-oriented information on the respective topics.

Topics transparency

Different perspectives. Added value for everyone. Effective projects. Collaboration between all actors in favor of the Experts and Economy Platform – for the company and for the MarCom to economy to decision makers.

Potential customers

Potential customers – Newsletter directly in the decision matrix. Use of the platform as a neutral channel and “Demand/Lead Generator”. Up-to-the-minute news, expert articles, specialist articles, industry solutions, regular newsletters and blogs about the various aspects of a topic.


Presence and marketing communication – at an attractive, informative Expert and Economy Platform. Swiss market. Experts, best practice cases, accompanying market communication and broad support from important Swiss companies and organizations.


Relevance and impact of quality over quantity. True to the “effectiveness first” philosophy, selected companies and their representatives are integrated into the Expert and Economy Platform. Companies and people who integrate their topic into a holistic context, into a systemic overall understanding.


Competency along the entire value chain. As an expert network for specific industry needs (information, documentation and cooperation within different industries, research and project teams, experts, exponents).


Neutral, independent OTT-2 (Over-the-Top Player) Expert and Economy Platforms as information providers with content services for converging audiences. Benefits of direct and indirect network effects with target value communication/advertising.

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