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Digital Switzerland

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Initiative for a “smart” Switzerland.

Neutral, independent initiative to promote digital economic development in Switzerland in favor of a prospering national economy.

The theme landscapes: trends and process design, digital basics, technologies and applications, digital environments.

“Digital Switzerland” combines politics and economy effectively and in partnership with the interests of the Swiss information and knowledge society. Businesses and organizations across industries, as well as partners across the political spectrum are meeting each other on an open, collaborative platform. This platform functions as a competence network to promote projects and solutions closely related to the use of information and communication technologies.

The initiative “Digital Switzerland” has the task to promote the attractiveness and sustainability of the economic location Switzerland with help of a holistic and networked view (“Digital 360 degrees”). Active sponsors are organizations and exponents of administrative bodies, economy, education and research.

The initiative and online platform form the thematic superstructure and framework for the already existing as well as possible additional experts and market platforms on selected topics such as cloud computing, market development, energy and security. All actors contribute with dedication, interaction and networking to the prosperity and sustainability of Switzerland. “Digital Switzerland” is not in competition with existing organizations, associations, societies and neither with their programs or activities, but complements and supports them from a macroeconomic perspective.